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Di Wen


  • Skilled with Ruby language and relevant tech stack.
  • Skilled with Web development service and tools, Linux & Mac OS, iTerm + Tmux + Vim, Git
  • Familiar with front-end development, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Solid knowledge of data structure and algorithm.
  • Solid knowledge of code refactoring, performance optimizing, design pattens, network and OO programming.


2015.9 ~ 2016.1 - Web Developer, Self-employed

#TechStack: ActiveAdmin, PostgreSQL, MiniTest, Mina, Puma, Nginx (Github)

Work as a contractor to implement an OA system.

  • Make complicated function modules, like managing files of corporation and staff, sending salary.
  • Participate in a whole development cycle, talking with customers to settle requirements, making system design, coding, testing, and deploying.

2015.1 ~ 2015.7 - Web Developer, Kaitong AMC

#TechStack: Rails, MongoDB, MiniTest, Mina, Unicorn, Nginx (Github)

Kaitong AMC is an Internet financial startup, aiming to provide a platform between bourses and Internet financial corporations. As the first tech engineer, I’ve gained much valuable experience from the entrepreneurial endeavor. My job is to

  • Make collaborative solutions with bourses and Internet financial corporations.
  • Implement a docking platform using Ruby on Rails to automate the cooperation.

2012 ~ 2015 - Web Developer, Umeng, Alibaba inc.

#TechStack: Rails, MongoDB, Redis, RSpec, RefineryCMS, Resque, Capistrano, Unicorn, Tengine

Umeng Analytics is the leading mobile app analytical platform in China. We implement analysis and statistics Web product using Ruby on Rails, including

  • Umeng Mainsite, regular product iteration, fixing online issues, refactoring and optimizing website performance. Tech design and implement an iPad version.
  • Admin System, assisting product manager to filter data and make analysis.
  • Developer Center, a CMS system for developers to read online documents and download SDK packages.
  • API & OAuth, for third-party company to authenticate, authorize, and query data.

2011 ~ 2012 - Web Developer (Intern), DianPing

#TechStack: Struts, Spring, iBaits

Dianping is the largest group deals site in China. I work as an intern in the Search Group, implementing some backend administer features using Java.


2008 ~ 2012 - Bachelor, Software Engineering, East China Normal University


  • rmb - a gem helps generate money in Chinese Yuan.
  • stock_knight - an API wrapper for Stock Fighter.
  • Rails - Patch test code to ActiveSupport and Active Model: GlobalID.
  • ActiveAdmin - Code for importing, adding summation row, and localization.


  • I’m an diligent and self-driven staff. Work hard to make jobs done, and also think hard to keep efficiency. I won the “Best Staff” award in 2014.
  • Technically, my goal is to keep digging into Web development. Focusing on Ruby and Rails as a breakpoint, and learning all the other interesting topics in Web.
  • Personally, always remind myself to be a humble learner, with a little patience and a lot of desire.