PDF version (updated in late 2022)

Di Wen

Senior Software Engineer at Shopify / Vancouver, BC, Canada / 1 (236) 412-4649 / ifyouseewendy@gmail.com


2017 ~ Present - Senior Software Engineer, Shopify

Build Shopify Functions from the ground up. Shopify Functions is a platform to provide extensibility for Shopify which allows 1st and 3rd party developers to customize the backend logic that powers Shopify.

  • Participate in various initial prototypes and explorations around WebAssembly
  • Lead performance exploration to conclude a solid trade-offs on the architecture
  • Build core service to manage the main business logic and expose API
  • Build and scale the engine to safely and efficiently execute WASM modules
  • Create a codegen tool around AssemblyScript to enable guest serialization for WASM modules
  • Work with Discount team to wrap the extensible discounts as the first API set to release Shopify Functions
  • Tech stack: WebAssembly, Rust, AssemblyScript, Ruby, Rails, Hanami, MySQL, DDD

Build Shopify Flow from the ground up. Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation solution which then becomes the most recognizable feature for Shopify Plus.

  • Participate in product design and iteration to help launch Shopify Flow and further development
  • Instrument and monitor the system, take on-calls, handle incidents and conduct RCAs
  • Scale Flow engine 100x to handle the increasing volume of daily traffic and peak traffic from BFCM
  • Design a GraphQL context batch fetcher to solve bottleneck in messages processing and increase performance 30x
  • Design a schema conflict resolver to tackle the long-lived tech debt, which tracks, monitors and migrates the unversioned schema changes
  • Mentor intern and participate in team hiring
  • Tech stack: Ruby, Rails, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, EventMachine, MySQL, Kafka

2012 ~ 2015 - Software Engineer, Umeng, Alibaba inc.

Umeng Analytics is the leading mobile app analytical platform in China. We implement data analysis and statistics Web products using Ruby on Rails.

  • Participate in product iteration over Umeng main site and admin system, which aggregates and displays analytical data through dashboards
  • Build Developer Center, a CMS system for developers to read online documents and download SDK packages
  • Build API & OAuth service, for third-party company to authenticate, authorize, and query data
  • Tech stack: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, MongoDB, Redis, RSpec, RefineryCMS, Resque, Unicorn


2008 ~ 2012 - Bachelor, Software Engineering, East China Normal University