Great Expectations 2015



  • Reading Algorithms 4th thoroughly.
  • Algorithm course on Coursera.


  • Words, need an efficient way to study new and review regularly
  • Listening, keep on Friends or podcast.

Key point is to make it a regular stuff.

Source Code Reading


Get Up Early

  • Review yesterday #dayone
  • Schedule on new day #sunrise #omnifocus

Record Daily Life

  • Knowledge #evernote
  • Life trivia #dayone
  • Financial status, monthly

One Hour Tech Reading

Need to keep quiet and focused, books or source code.


What should be a workday like?

  • 08:00 Get up, do the reviewing and scheduling.
  • 10:00 Company stuff I
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Company stuff II
  • 16:00 Tech read
  • 17:00 Email subscriptions and browsing
  • 18:00 Company stuff IIII
  • 20:00 Back home
  • 22:30 Dear Diary
  • 23:00 Go to bed and random read.