What I've done in 2019

A weekly log on my life and personal growth

W24 (06/03 - 06/09)

  • Keep reading The Go Programming Language and finish first half of the book (Chapter 7 Interface)
  • Naval - How to Get Rich This is another podcast I enjoy a lot, which is not mainly about finance, but different thoughts and angles to see the world.
  • Finish the show Chernobyl, a cold dark reality mixing with special politic circumstance. I can definitely not sense the similarity with my dear god country.
  • Enjoy the French Open semi-final, at which Djokovic lost to Thiem by 5:7 at the fifth set. Sad.
  • Have a great trip to African Lion Safari at the weekend. Simba is truly a big cat.


W23 (05/27 - 06/02)

  • Work wise, I feel pretty good on spending one hour reading in the morning everyday. After reading through ¼ of Domain Driven Rails, (which is a pretty good book, taking Rails as example to talk about DDD), I make it a pause consciously as I need more experience (or mistakes) to digest better. To put it into practice, I start building our new service using Hanami, which I’ve got a pretty positive feeling for being our DDD choice. Other than that, finish reading the first two chapters of GOPL.
  • I really enjoy this episode of Tim Ferris Show that I listened twice. Ramit Sethi — Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and More (#371)
  • After two months learning and researching, I finally set up my FIRE account on May 29th, 2019 🎉
  • Such a relief after visiting Nadine and Casey.
  • The best weekend this year, for pushing trivial stuff forward proactively, reading books, watching sports (Liverpool 2:0 Tottenham Hotspur, Raptors 1:1 Warriors), having hotpot, watching shows, enjoying the great weather, and wasting time together with Jasmine. Everything is perfect.
  • Just dance

W22 (05/20 - 05/26)

  • Finish reading Domain-driven Design Quick last week and concluded some notes here. It makes a lot of sense to me on connecting the dots I’ve collected over time. The book is also a great one as an intro which helps me grash the main idea of DDD. The next step is to gain more insight in practice.
  • GoT 潦草终结,没等到我的夜王反推大陆,难过。看完了一拳超人,超级喜欢,见识了终极大招:Consecutive Normal Punch!
  • Finally, what makes my week? A stupid big smile (..bounce version)

W21 (05/13 - 05/19)

  • Keep my reading on Quiet


W20 (05/06 - 05/12)

  • Such a busy week, for being on call at work. I didn’t have much energy on pushing personal growth stuff. However, it’s been a fantastic week for various sports games.


W19 (04/29 - 05-05)

  • Research on a few candidates on portfolios and start building My portfolio
  • Visit Stratford to enjoy spring and celebrate Jasmine’s birthday


W18 (04/22 - 04/28)

  • Start reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
    • Being an introvert has been a bittersweet journey for me. Hope this book could help know myself better. (Recommended by Mitch)
  • Start taking an online course on economics
    • 薛兆丰的经济学课。作为 financial learning 的后续,本来已经开始读 Value Investing,但是发现好多普遍又根本的问题更吸引我。
  • Watch 风中有朵雨做的云
    • 我很同意这个故事有“知音”体,人物关系复杂又随意,所以导演打乱了时间序是为了掩盖还是故作玄虚?我不是在乎。我喜欢这里边的人物,没有人让我出戏。最迷的还是光影,没机会去影院,但是在家就已经让我沉醉了。
  • Get my 🚲


W17 (04/15 - 04/21)

W16 (04/08 - 04/12)

W15 (04/01 - 04/05)

  • Lost the basketball game in semi-final
    • 继去年在半决赛一分惜败后,这次输了两分 😥
  • Watch Persona
    • 看过之后非常困惑,整个过程就是慢慢跟不上导演的节奏。即便如此,很多画面深刻地印在了我的脑海,回来的路上一直不断地回放。在豆瓣上看到了这篇影评我很赞同,基本上解释了我所有的疑问。即使单纯作为一遍散文来读,也是很有收获,Persona (假面):沉默的假面
  • Finish reading Wealthing Like Rabbits
    • It’s a good start for my personal financial learning. The examples in the book are really persuasive, which I appreciate the most. However, I don’t really agree with the saving part. I understand the fact that we should figure out what we truly need or what the money could buy us indeed, but what I infer from the part is kinda what the author tries to avoid, which is to sacrifice your living quality for future. Especially, to ask for used baby clothes from a friend implicitly sounds manipulative to me.
  • Finish the second chapter of Writing An Interpreter In Go for parsing techniques
  • Skim over the Programming WebAssembly with Rust.
    • It’s an ok book that I put my main focus on WebAssembly even though half of the book are examples for using Rust to write WA modules. It gives me some context knowledge of WA, like how it’s developed over time and how it gets used inside and outside of the browser.

W14 (03/25 - 03/29)